Another Trailblazer: Aries Technology Group LLC

In May of 2006, I was privileged to conduct a Value Pricing Boot Camp with Ed Kless and Rob Johnson of Sage, at its annual Insights conference in Nashville, TN.

One never knows the impact you have on any participant, unless they go back to their firms and change their behavior. All we can do in a seminar is work on changing attitudes and theories, but the real test is will that lead to changing behavior.

This makes the following email Ed, Rob and I received from John Shaver today even more sweet. Another HSD—High Satisfaction Day—for VeraSage and Sage.


I would say that you, Ron and Rob have made a definitive difference in our business. We reached the point in doing business by the traditional means (discounting, billing time, etc.) that we were really looking for a fresh and rewarding approach. The value pricing boot camp at the Nashville Insights was instrumental in opening our eyes to a very new way of doing business (I know Ron says these ideas are not new in reference to Peter Drucker but new to us!).

You guys provided us with the tools to inject new life into the business. Even a burned out old veteran like myself is now excited again about moving our business forward.

What’s most exciting to see is the way all of our team members have totally embraced the value pricing approach and how much they love not keeping up with timesheets. When we first brought them on board they told us we were crazy for not sticking with the traditional rules of consulting. Now they can’t imagine working any other way!


John F Shaver

Aries Technology Group LLC

phone: (865) 342-4300 x23 or (800) 990-6646



Congratulations to John and the entire Team at Aries Technology Group for being one of the early adapters in their profession, inevitably blazing the trail for the rest to follow.


  1. John,

    Congratulations on taking the plunge. Seeing successes like yours is great incentive to those of us who are still teetering on the edge. Thanks for your valuable insights.

    Linda Kay

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