Billable Hour Scratch & Win

Customers hate being billed by the hour; however, they have also become desensitized to it. They consistently experience the downside risk of their billable-hour relationships and either don’t know or don’t believe that an alternative exists.


  1. Brilliant, Greg!

    Love the “point” increments.

  2. Lorena Flores says

    Mr. Kyte,
    Awesome video, love your topic. I definitely learned my lesson when I did the same mistake as Mr. Martion. I called an attorney and the conversation was for less than 5 minutes and I also got an unbelievable bill. Now I just google my question and hope to get an answer. Oh by the way I am one of Mrs. Richter’s students. We enjoy your videos a lot!

  3. Lorena, thanks for your comment.

    If you knew Greg you would never call him Mr. Kyte. If you did my guess is he would look around the room and ask if his Dad was here!

  4. Wrong again Ed Kless! It’s The Amazing Mr. Kyte to you.

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