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Are you value pricing?

A frequent topic of discussion among groups with whom I talk is whether or not a company is really value pricing. A few months ago, I had an idea to create a quiz that would allow an organization to determine if it was, in fact, truly value pricing.

I jotted down a few questions and submitted them to my VeraSage colleagues asking for refinement and any additional questions. Once we had the list down to a manageable number, I then again called on their brilliant minds to rate the questions using two scales:

1. An importance scale of 1 to 4.

2. A ranking from top to bottom.

Based on this input, I then created a weight system that gave more emphasis to those questions that Team VeraSage felt were of greater importance. The result was the spreadsheet referenced below.

To use it, simply download and answer the questions. Once you have answered them all, hit PageDown (PgDn) and a pithy comment is displayed as the result.

I hope this tool helps to spur some dialogue on the concepts surrounding value pricing. Please post any comments or questions. I will be happy to incorporate any suggested changes into a future version of the tool.

Download the file

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