David Vilensky on The Benefits of Fixed Pricing

David Vilensky, managing director, Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky, in Perth, Australia, is one our Trailblazer law firms.

David recently wrote this article
for the February 2012 edition of the Law Society of Western Australia’s publication, Brief.

It’s fantastic because David articulates how work changes once a firm is no longer obsessed with tracking time.

The benefits of this are very difficult for firms to grasp who continue to track time, and they are very difficult for those who teach this to describe—you simply have to experience it first hand.

Yet these benefits are enormous, probably outweighing the gain in profitability firms will achieve with pricing for value rather than time.

The late Paul O’Byrne used to say that when his firm got rid of timesheets they became obsessed with customer value, leading to more knowledge sharing and collaboration among the team, and a less stressful quality of work life.

David’s article is further evidence of these effects.

Congratulations to David and the entire team at BBV.

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