Ford Plant in Brazil

Have a quick look at this video and then ask yourself, “How long before we see this kind of a video about accountants in India doing US tax returns?”

Of course the last line of the voice will be, “This is exactly the kind of firm we would like to have in the US, but the AICPA (or insert your organization or consultant to the profession of choice) insisted we bill by the hour.”


  1. This is so interesting, Ed.

    This plant seems to be treating the people as knowledge workers, and the plant operates as a knowledge firm, providing safe and affective transportation.

    And there comes the car workers union and prevents this kind of effectiveness and proficiency because the miserable fools are too busy perfecting the management of manual labour. Using Ron’s (Baker) phrase, they are too busy perfecting the buggy whip, and are too ignorant to notice that the horses have disappeared.

  2. @Dan – I thought so too.

    @Bald Dog – Great point about treating them as knowledge workers!!!

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