IT Consultants of the World Unite!

In a recent article on, Greg Shields writes about the challenges of moving from an internal or corporate information technology role to that of a consultant. Overall, the article is a good look into the world IT consulting and the pitfalls that accompany it.

Sadly, in a sidebar entitled 10 Unwritten Rules of Consulting (Written Down), the #4 rule is “Don’t be afraid to charge for your time.” BAM!!! Anyone following this advice will be forever mired in the billable hour. This is very bad advice, Greg.

My advice: IT Consultants know that you are knowledge workers! You don’t sell time, you sell your knowledge. You can’t charge for knowledge by the hour! Don’t get yourselves stuck in the pinko-commie, bed-wetter trap known as the billable hour.


  1. Ed,

    LMAO! What a great line: “Don’t get yourselves stuck in the pinko-commie, bed-wetter trap known as the billable hour.”

    Logic doesn’t seem to be convincing people to abandon the Almighty Billable Hour and shift to Value Pricing, so perhaps ridicule will.

    You remind me of the ending lines spoken by the French Taunter (played by John Cleese) in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in an (outrageous) French accent after a string of rather personal insults to the King: “Now, go away [and Value Price], or I shall taunt you a second time.”

    Great post!

  2. Brett Kreykes says:

    Yes, thank you for the post. I’m an IT Consultant of 3 years and I am working on my first FPA with my largest customer.

    I’ve hit the ‘ceiling’ with my billable hours…40-45 hours a week, an effective salary cap of sorts. So I’ve been thinking for quite some time, how can I earn more? I can’t create more hours in a week! Thanks to a friend of mine who is moving his accounting firm to the FPA, I’ve been re-energized with the possibilities the FPA can do for me and my income.

    Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work!

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