An open letter to accountants, lawyers, technologists, engineers, architects, advertising folks, and consultants to the professions, et al.

4 May 2009

Dear all,

Here at the VeraSage Institute, we have never, and will never advocate value billing. A bill comes after the fact. In fact, we think that such a practice would be considered mail fraud. Please stop referring to what we espouse using this hideous and offensive term.

We advocate and practice value pricing (good), or value-based pricing (better), or pricing on (or with) purpose (best).

For the record our working definition of pricing on purpose is “providing a customer with a fixed price up-front for a fixed scope of work using the perceived value of the customer as the primary (but not sole) basis for the price.”

Violators will henceforth be subject to intense ridicule in this space. We ask our minions to send us examples for public display.

Any questions?

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