Oh, (No) Canada!

Ok, this is hysterical. A December 9, 2008 story appeared in the Globe and Mail of Canada entitled, Think Value Not Hours Billed — a promising title. Alas, it falls woefully short. It is a prime example of the problem of starting with the wrong theory. In the end their method is nothing more than lawyers trying to get paid more per hour.

“Open up a dialogue about value.” What a joke! This is still about effort, efficiency, capacity, and therefore billing by the hour. What nonsense!


  1. Totally agree Ed.

    A typical lawyer invoice in Canada:

    For professional services rendered with respect to billing value for hours performed, and allowing us to have extra hours in inventory to bill more to my other clients.

    Couresty Discount to be applied if we get a tip. Thank you for being a stupid client.

    Your Lawyer

  2. That, my friends, is brilliant!

    Thanks, Joe.

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