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I’ve been remiss in not posting about the Professional Pricing Society’s Blog.

PPS is an excellent organization. I’ve had the privilege at presenting at many of their seminars and have tremendous respect for the vision and leadership of Eric Mitchell, its president and Founder.

As a result of organizations such as PPS, pricing has become a distinct discipline in corporations around the world. PPS explains its purpose on its Web site:

Founded in 1984, it now serves thousands of members, representing all leading industries and over 50 countries.

The Professional Pricing Society’s mission is to nurture a growing community of pricing professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world. We do this by providing a multi-platform forum through which exceptionally talented and creative experts can exchange cutting edge pricing strategies, tactics and technology. In short, we connect great ideas with great people.

Be sure to add PPS’s Blog to your list of regular reads. It’s full of excellent information and ideas from dedicated pricing professionals.

(Darn it Ed, 167 words, you’re right, I can’t Twitter!).


  1. Ron, you just don’t strike me as Twitterer. I have yet to understand its benefits. Sure created a problem here:

  2. Ron, great post on PPS, their blog is excellent.

    BTW – Twitter is 140 CHARACTERS not WORDS!!!

    Stephanie, I will not be Twittering about any funerals.

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