Reed Holden Begins a Podcast Series on Pricing with Confidence

Frequent readers of this blog will know that Reed Holden is one of Ron’s mentors in the area of pricing. Recently he released the first in a series of podcasts in support of his new book Pricing with Confidence. While it is not yet available on iTunes, I have been told that this is planned for next week.

The first installment is excellent! It should be required listing for all leaders of PKFs. I personally was thrilled because Dr. Holden did not once mention his poker player analogy, of which I have been critical in the past.

Here is more from the announcement:

In his first podcast, you’ll hear pricing guru Dr. Reed Holden discuss how companies that price with confidence have the power to improve profits and revenues, especially during these tough times. Through real-life current business stories, Dr. Holden explains why pricing is the key to meeting business objectives and what executives and managers need to think about to gain more pricing confidence.

This podcast is the first in a series of pricing podcasts based on the hot new pricing book Pricing with Confidence: 10 Way to Stop Leaving Money on the Table. Over the next several weeks, Holden Advisors will be releasing 1-2 short podcasts a week in which Reed Holden discusses ideas that will help you increase your revenues and profits.

Happy listening! Please post your thoughts as comments.


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