Shout Out to Tom White


  1. I have this printed on the back of my business cards, invoices and published on my website as well. (I modified a version Ron has in his book Pricing on Purpose…with permission of course)

    Customer Price Guarantee

    The work of the team at Interaction Versa is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of our customers. If a customer is not completely delighted with the service performed by representatives of Interaction Versa, we will, at the option of our customer, either refund the price, or accept a portion said price that reflects the individuals of our customer’s level of satisfaction.

    We will assume the individuals and companies we work with are delighted upon payment received by us under the terms of our work.

  2. Also I’ve set out to never bill a single hour and I do get asked rather ofter how much I charge by the hour. I always proudly say “I don’t bill by the hour” and go on to explain why. I get positive responces

  3. Thanks, Gerhard! A shout out to you too for putting the guarantee on your card. I pays to be bold!

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