Talk about a Turn Around

In September of 2007, Rob Lewis of Accounting Web UK published a defense of the billable hour. Ron Baker responded with a post here. On both sites there was much commentary, some of it by this writer, not all of which I am most proud. (Let’s just say it got a little ugly.)

Today, however, we have a redemption of sorts. The same Rob Lewis has dubbed Ron Baker the Eye-opener for his Who’s who for 2008. I commend both Rob and Ron for their efforts in driving the dialogue forward.

Three cheers, gentlemen!


  1. Hmmmmm Ed, I’m not sure about “Rob Baker”. Sounds like a real Frankenstein’s baby to me!

    How far are we going with this redemption thing?

  2. Author’s note: For those of you playing at home, John’s comment is regarding a typo I made in the original post. I have since corrected it.

    In the original I referred to “Rob Baker.” I assure you there is no such monster.

    Thanks, John for the eagle eyes.

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