Timesheet free child rearing

I am so opposed to billing by the time unit, that I refuse to pay the $0.50 for those two minute mechanical rides to nowhere near shopping centers.

In this video, you see how my kids completely enjoy themselves (effectiveness) even though the ride never moves at all (not efficient), plus I don’t pay anything!

As an added bonus they make their own sounds and it qualifies as creative play!


  1. Ed – I nearly spit coffee when I read that you refuse to be billed $0.50 for time on a kiddie ride.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. As I have said before, I am morally opposed to billing by the hour (time unit).

  3. Allright, Mr. Kless?.I can top that. I?m so opposed to hourly billing and time tracking that I refuse to wear a watch!

    Betcha can?t beat that one.

  4. Oh yeah, well my house doesn’t have windows so, I can’t even see the sun to tell if it is day or night!

  5. You know, it’s really Olympians who have it figured out… the guy or gal who covers the same distance as everybody else, in the least amount of time, gets the gold and the sponsorship dollars

  6. That’s nothing!

    I have removed all clocks from my house and disabled the clocks in our cars.

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