Two Free Pricing Webinars

Last November I conducted a Webinar sponsored by Principa, our good friend Ric Payne’s organization.

“Implementing Value Pricing” runs for two hours, including a Powerpoint slideshow. You can access it here (email required).

Since we received over three dozen questions from the November program, we decided to do a 2 hour Q and A Webinar on February 3rd.

I was joined by VeraSage Senior Fellows Michelle Golden and Ed Kless. There’s an enormous amount of “tacit knowledge” transferred in this program, since most of the questions revolved around how to implement.

You can access it here (again, email required).

We hope you find these useful, and as always, appreciate your feedback.

Thanks to Ric Payne and the Team at Principa for hosting these programs, and generously making them available to all.


  1. Thank you Richard, glad you enjoyed the article. If you enjoyed that, you might enjoy my book Mind Over Matter, which is all about how intellectual capital is the chief source of wealth in a knowledge economy.

  2. Nicholas,
    Thanks for your post. The publisher sets the price of the digital book and the reason it’s fairly close to the hardcover price is because the book is a professional publication, not a trade book. Thus, the target market is not a mass audience.

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