Value Pricing Pervades My Class

As part of my job at Sage, I deliver a five–day class on consulting essentials. The topics include consulting theory, beliefs, skills, project management, and some Sage Software product specific stuff.

Recently, Alan Salmon from K2 Enterprises Canada attended the class and has posted a terrific write up on his site. What I liked most about Alan was the fact that he actually asked me to review the story before publication. He said that, “this way we get it right and I don’t have to print corrections.” You have to admire a journalist who thinks like a businessperson.

In any case, what I think is most interesting about the story is that on Day 2, I had a little time left in the afternoon, so I decide to talk about value pricing. While not part of the agenda, the session was a big hit and Alan devoted some considerable ink (or pixels) to the subject.

Thanks, Alan for a great review and for picking up on the value pricing topic.

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