What is it with lists?

Last Sunday, the CBS Sunday Morning show featured a story on lists which struck a nerve with me.

Every management consultant these days has their lists — lists of what should be done, lists of what should not be done. For me, it is just too gimicky.

I am asked an a regular basis for the list of things to do to value price. I want to go on record as officially saying, “I don’t have the list!” By the way, neither does Ron Baker or any VeraSage fellow. Every organization is different and therefore the move to value pricing will require a unique approach in every case.

Sorry, if this causes you stress. If it does, click here.


  1. And some people (me included) are getting a bit weary of lists. See Legal Andrew’s post about lists here:


  2. Stephanie,

    Thanks for the comment, love Andrew’s take as well, thanks for sharing.


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