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Thank you to friend of VeraSage and fellow CPA Brenda Richter for sending us her recent blog post on a country music video with a poignant message.

Since we here at VeraSage discuss business issues, especially pricing, and pricing is the best way to increase a firm’s profits, it may appear sometimes that that’s all we care about. That disturbs me, because we care far more about quality of life and bettering the professions for posterity.

But that message gets lost in the nitty-gritty of dealing with the issues we deal with on a daily basis.

My colleague Tim Williams and I recently presented to an advertising agency. At the end of the day, we played this music video by Jamey Johnson, entitled “The Dollar.” I’m no fan of country music, since mostly it seems to deal with your woman leaving, you still blowing up, barn burning down, etc. But this song is different. This one strikes at the heart and soul.

After the song finished, there was silence in the audience. Then someone blurted out, “That was a low blow.”

A low blow indeed—against the labor theory of value. This is why there is nobility in pricing on purpose, in getting paid what you are worth.

Wealth, and pricing, is not a zero-sum game, like poker. No one has to lose in order for someone else to win. Both sides win. I wish more people understood that, as I wish we’d do a better job explaining why VeraSage is so insistent on burying an obsolete pricing policy.

Watch the video to find out what it’s all about.

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