Reasons Why I Do Not Like Soccer (and some proposed solutions)

This has nothing to do with Pricing on Purpose, but I since we have quite and international following some of you might enjoy it. Others will want to take me on, so please do so.

  1. Too low scoring. As a baseball fan I do enjoy the occasional pitcher’s duel, but most Major League games average over 4 runs per team per game. With soccer it is ridiculous, it is always a defensive battle. The solution is three balls in play at the same time. Better two white balls and one red ball, with the red worth three points instead of one! Not only will this increase the scoring, but it will increase the number of breaks in the game, this will allow more beer commercials to be shown.
  2. Too many ties. North Americans do not like vaguery, we want a clear winner and loser especially in a once every four years competition. It really get crazy in the bracket rounds of the World Cup when after a brief overtime, they go to penalty kicks. This would be like a baseball game ending in a tie after 12 innings and then deciding the winner by playing home run derby. Nonsense! I would like to see them keep playing until they fall down from exhaustion except for the goalies. How cool would that be? Goalie on goalie until one of the scores! Of course, adoption my three ball proposal would also help reduce the number of ties.
  3. The clock is not the clock. Again, this is a problem with vaguery. I mean really, only the referee knows when the game is going to actually end. I know they have added the approximate extra time, but still, it is way too arbitrary. Technology must exist to allow the referee to add this time exactly onto the clock. Oh, by the way, the time runs in the wrong direction. We want it to count down, not up. This ain’t track and field!
  4. This one is specific to this World Cup – vuvuzelas. Sorry, they are worse then the insidious thundersticks that occasionally make their way into various North American events. The worst offense being the 2002 World Series between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the San Francisco Giants. There has got to be a way to filter this sound out of the feeds.


  1. 5. The field is way too big. Cut the field size in half and the number of goals will increase.

    6. Implement a shot clock as in basketball. Put the ball in the goal box within 24 seconds or hand it over to the other team.

  2. Matthew Tol says:


    You really need to get acquainted with Aussie Rules Football as played over here. It’s better that gridiron (our guys wear no protection & there is no off-side), it’s better than baseball (more action and no foul balls), it’s better than soccer (higher scoring therefore more beer breaks), it’s better than rugby (no heads up bottoms), it’s better than basketball (played on a ground that is over 120 yeards long), it’s better than just about anything.

    As we are all expanding our minds with regard to our pricing strategies, you guys need to consider the best game in the world (Ron has seen a game or two and I think he’s a bit of a fan). And you need to support Geelong Football Club.


  3. I’ve got to agree with Matthew on this one. Aussie Rules Football is awesome. And the Geelong Cats are the team! I saw them play the Eagles in Perth, it was great fun. Not sure it’s better than Gridiron Matthew, but it’s certainly faster and just as fun, possibly more addicting.

    Cricket still sucks, sorry.

  4. I have no problem with Footy or Cricket. There is lots of scoring, ties are a rarity and, Cricket does not have a clock like baseball. Hopefully the clock in Aussie Rules counts down not up, or at least is better defined.

  5. My problem with World Cup on TV is all of the slow-motion replays of a bunch of guys flopping at midfield. Can’t the referees
    “red card” for bad flops?

  6. @Richard – Perhaps the flops is part of the convoluted tie-breaking process which again would not be necessary if you have a game with end with a clear winner and loser.

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