Slaves or Knowledge Workers?

Friend of VeraSage Brenda Richter, who maintains her own blog, wrote to ask that I post about this question from a Young CPA to AccountingWeb regarding tax season commitment.

You can see the comment Brenda made on the Site, and here’s what she wrote us:

A few weeks ago a young professional knowledge worker wrote to accountingweb because she was bewildered over her firm’s attitude toward tax season hours. It appears that she would rather come to work at 5 am much earlier than the others and then go home earlier than everyone else. The partners at her firm think she’s being a “slacker.”

I am reminded of Dan’s Work-Life Balance is PC for “Slacker” article, and quite frankly, anyone who is willing to be at work at 5 am is hardly a slacker.

Please give consideration to going to accountingweb and giving her the support she needs to finish tax season and then find a firm that will respect her as a professional knowledge worker.

It’s hard to believe firms are out there treating people this way, while wondering why they can’t find and inspire good people.

It’s not the people, it’s the crappy organizations they are forced to work in, with conditions redolent of sweatshops.

There’s probably a potential knowledge worker here open to a better working environment.


  1. Please send this “slacker” my way. I am a headhunter (and M&A;consultant) for the public accounting firms and I have many clients who would hire her.

    I was much the same when I practiced as a CPA xx (too many) years ago preferring to come in very early and leave at a reasonable time due to a desire to see my family.

    Unfortunately, what was expected then and maybe still today in some firms is for the staffer to both come in early and stay late.

    Luckily, there are many firms and not just the Big 4 and nationals, that are respectful of a work like balance.

    Please check out my blog at

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