The Best Damn Evaluation Form Ever Created – Revisited

Just because it is the best damn evaluation form ever, does not mean that it cannot be improved.

After using it for a few months and have after action reviews regarding it, Ron came up with a great idea — add the ability of the faciliator to evaluate the participants. So, that is what we have done. We have added a question at the end asking if the participant would want the facilitator to provide feedback.


If the class is small enough (I would think 20 or fewer) the facilitator would email a few sentences to those willing to receive feedback. The facilitator would take class participation and the intellectual capital growth displayed on the evaluation itself into account. If the class were large or of very brief duration (one hour or less) the facilitator would provide the entire class with an evaluation of the class as a whole.


  1. I know it is uncouth to post a comment to your own post, but I never said I was couth.

    Since posting this, I have had an interesting exchange with Paul, a participant at the latest session I facilitated.

    After reading this post Paul writes:
    I just read the above entry in VeraSage. I?m not sure if you?ve implemented it at any of your sessions yet but since the class was so recent I thought, I?ll bite. I?d like your feedback if you?re willing to provide it.

    My response:
    Your participation during the class was at an above average level both in terms of the appropriateness of your comments and questions and level of dialogue. In your evaluation you stated that one of you objectives was to “increase the odds of success for the position.”

    You did mention that you did not “want to make any fatal mistakes” when it comes to service level agreements. What would be “fatal?” No customers going on the plan? 50 percent? Why would it be fatal? Are you no confident in your company?s ability to deliver? Do you think that your current customers have not seen the value in what you have done for them in the past? If so, why?

    I understand you skepticism about net promoter. When I first heard about it I was as well? After reading the book, The Ultimate Question, most of that was overcome. The real challenge is to face up to the fact, that while we like to think of ourselves as having great customer service, the reality is that we do what we do to get by. We really do not create all that great a customer experience. Admitting this is pretty tough.

    Your questioning in these areas is good as it indicates your thought process. What other thinking have you done on this since the session? Have you scheduled some time to think?

    “Have you scheduled some time to think?”

    A very good point. I haven?t had much of an opportunity to do any focused thinking since returning from Chicago. Obviously, there are always things incubating and percolating to the surface, but for me to creatively think I need mental space. I haven?t had any this week. However, I will schedule some time to do just that. In all honesty, it will not likely be until early next week.

    I appreciate your feedback and will seriously consider your questions and reply when I?ve truly had an opportunity to think about them. I need a week.

    I look forward to your thoughts. Scheduling time to think might be the most important thing you can do yourself and your organization.

    It?s booked. Next Monday, 1:30 ? 2:00. More to follow.

    The new format is already working and we have not officially used it yet. A knowledge worker had scheduled time to think!

  2. I have drunk the Kool Aid & don’t care who knows.

    I just returned from Sage Consulting Academy in Dallas having flown U.S. Airways, but that’s a whole different discussion for a different audience on a different day. I may as well have hitchhiked through the arid Mojave desert without any tap water or ice ($2 on the flight)

    I found two interesting points on the Best Damn Evaluation Form. The first was the questions, “What Did I Bring To The Dialogue?” & the second spoke of my fears.

    Having been an avid student of accepting responsibility I found it interesting that I’ve never seen that question on an evaluation form. I took a silent poll & not surprisingly found that those didn’t walk away filled with a sense of accomplishment as a result of spending 5 days learning, didn’t know that they had to bring something to the dialogue. Those that were involved seemed to be those that took away the most. Now there’s a concept. I participate, give back something & in return I get something.

    My experience with my fears is that most of them never happen. They just wander around in my brain taking up valuable space. As a friend once told me. “Your mind is like a bad neighborhood at night, you should never go in there alone.”

    Until someone can show me undisputable proof that the principles that Ed Kless don’t work then I’ll keep drinking the Kool Aid. It’s free unless you’re on U.S. Airways where’s it’s $2 per plastic glass.

  3. Brenda,

    Oh. Never mind.

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