The One Piece of Advice You Need to Get the Price You Deserve

RainToday has published the report, The One Piece of Advice You Need to Get the Fees You Deserve.

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I was happy to contribute to this report, even though I wish they’d use the words: price, not fees; professional knowledge firms, not professional service firms; intellectual capital not services. I was also discouraged to see hourly rates given such prominence, but I know the defense is “that’s the benchmark everyone uses.”

Well, that’s why VeraSage exists.

All that said, there’s some excellent advice within the report. I especially liked the articles by Alan Weiss, John Doehring, Tom Snyder, Gerry Riskin, and Andrew Sobel.

This special, 39-page report includes 12 new articles written by professional services pricing experts who answered the question: What’s the one piece of advice you need to get the price you deserve? None of the authors saw the other’s articles.

The expert authors and advice includes:

  1. Convince the Buyer that Value-Based Fees are Best, Alan Weiss, Author, Million Dollar Consulting
  2. Price with Confidence! Follow These 10 Steps to Stop Leaving Money on the Table, by Mark Burton, Co-Founder and Vice President of Holden Advisors and Co-Author, Pricing With Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table
  3. A Magic Bullet? No, a Process, by Bruce W. Marcus, Marketing and Strategic Planning Consultant and Editor, The Marcus Letter on Professional Services Marketing
  4. The Best Kept Secret of the Selling World, by Jeff Thull, President and CEO, Prime Resource Group and Author, Mastering the Complex Sale, The Prime Solution
  5. If You Don’t Discuss Value, Expect to Discuss Hours, by Ronald J. Baker, Founder, VeraSage Institute and Author, The Firm of the Future: A Guide for Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professional Services
  6. Take Courage: Demand Full Price (And seven steps to get you there), by John Doehring, Senior Vice President, ZweigWhite
  7. Creating Value During the Sales Process, by Tom Snyder, Former CEO, Huthwaite
  8. Build the Relationship One Day at a Time, by Ron Worth, CEO, Society for Marketing Professional Services and Author, “A/E/C Marketing Fundamentals”
  9. Think of Services in Terms of Value—Not Rates, by Gerry Riskin, Co-Founder, Edge International
  10. Discounting Doesn’t Work, by Jeanne Urich, Managing Director, Service Performance Insight
  11. Over-Serve Your Best Clients, by Neil Fauerbach, Partner and Director of Business Development and Marketing, Smith & Gesteland, LLP and President, Association for Accounting Marketing
  12. Maximize the Value of Work to Your Clients and Your Firm, by Andrew Sobel, Founder, Andrew Sobel Advisors and Author, Making it Rain

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