Trailblazer Update from Down Under

Matthew Tol began to correspond with VeraSage back in November 2006. He made the decision to trash timesheets June 30, 2007.

He recently sent us an update on his progress, which has been fantastic.


As we corresponded early last year, I though this might be a great time to update you—we have thrown out timesheets, moved all clients on to fixed agreed fees with monthly billing and direct debit, all new projects and work is priced and signed off when it comes in and before it gets started and we’re going along very well! Talking with a number of my colleagues around Australia, they just don’t seem to “get it” and haven’t the guts or courage to make the move that is required to move them in to the 21st century. They get frustrated but the terror of the unknown is bigger than their level of frustration.

Just had an interesting discussion with one of my colleagues in town this morning—whining about how much time he didn’t have. Issues with staff and he did not sound at all happy. He is still on paper files, no scanning that works, no systemised process for bringing in, processing or sending out work, timesheets that take up a heap of time, client fee resistance,debtor problems and I think his cashflow would be dead. I spoke to him about what I’ve invested in over the past five years—we may as well have been comparing different businesses (sorry, my business and his corner shop)!

Keep up the great work—I’ve tried it, gone through the issues and have “seen the light”—to use the phrase from “Mr T” in the “A Team”—”Pity the fool” who doesn’t have the guts to change that which isn’t working.

Trust you and yours enjoyed a wonderful festive season and the new year is a terrific one for you.

Kind regards,

Matthew Tol
matthew tol + associates
24 Doveton Street North,
Ballarat Vic 3350

Congratulations Matthew. More evidence that trashing timesheets is the wave of the future that can be done—if firm leadership is willing to pay the price of casting off yesterday and embracing tomorrow.

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