VP Success Story

This correspondence was received by VeraSage and is posted with permission.

Dear Ron,

Just wanted you to know I finished a medical billing insurance claims case today based on value pricing. The bill for $30,661.95 was over 2 years old. The patient tried for 637 days (1.75 years) to get it resolved and didn’t make any progress. I successfully resolved it in 122 days (4 months) and the patient owes $889.74!

My customers are happy and I’m happy to eliminate the extra job of tracking my time. My income is no longer restrained by time! I can focus on what I do best…resolving my customer’s medical billing and insurance claims problems.

Thank you Ron for teaching me value pricing! My VALUE truly is my TALENT not my TIME!

Dawn Hampton, RHIT

“Dedicated to the effective management of your medical bills and insurance claims”


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