A BFO: Why Firms Should Really Trash the Beast

A BFO: Why Firms Should Really Trash the Beast

I realize that there are many significant and valid reasons for terminating timesheets from the policies and procedures of professional knowledge firms (PKFs), however the real and permanent harm generated by timesheets isn’t merely the disconnect between time spent and value provided. The harm isn’t the abuse of measuring efforts when really only results matter. The worst impact of the timesheet virus is not the wasted intellectual, structural, and social capital invested by the PKFs human capital. The most significant downer of the timesheet plague isn’t the demoralizing impact to team members as the gazelle of the firm is out paced by the sloth as slowness and redundancy are rewarded with unearned promotions, bonuses, corner offices. Nope, these and the other well documented, superbly substantiated, logical, and theoretical reasons why timesheets are worst then opium for the professions fail to recognize possibly the most significant benefit of trashing the timesheet….and that is trash the timesheet and save the earth.

Trashing the timesheet is good for the environment. Removing timesheets will decrease hydrocarbons, slow down global warming, return the oceans to balance, improve the rain forests, and defeat tyranny.

Just envision a world without timesheets. In this world, power would be saved and lies would diminish. The reduction of lies is good for the moral fabric and of course we all know that a major contributor to global warming is the extensive amount of pollution generated by power generating facilities. And….if team members are no longer required to spend minutes or hours a day logging into their computer screens, followed by supervisors reviewing and confirming said computer inputs, subsequently squinted at by partners during the billing process, followed by printing of reams of paper, pencil lead circles, review and analysis of files, excessive telephone calls with the Davy Crocket trailblazing and unsupervised team members, excessive CO2 emissions as everyone exhales at a faster pace than normal and not to mention the energy savings at the customers location. Power savings alone and the feeling of supporting the earth should provide enough reason for any truly enlightened PKF leadership team to terminate the timesheet from their firm. Yet, what about recruitment—just think about the benefit associated with recruiting on campus as the Green Team—where the firm without timesheets is pro people and pro earth. Al could be the leading spokesperson and a new best selling book will be released describing how one small change by PKFs saved the planet.

Besides power, PKFs without timesheets will have their people focused on results and not efforts and while using less power will drink less coffee. Drinking less coffee is better on the kidneys and requires less flushing alleviating another drain on our limited resources and again with a side effect of improving Terra Ferma. Stop timesheets, reduce power, improve water quality, save the earth.

I am so stoked about this revelation that I think I’ll send a note to Bono and Willie Nelson and investigate the concept of Stop the Timsheet Aid concert that just might be the biggest benefit for the Earth.


  1. Amen. Who can really add anything to this? I don’t know how yet, but I also think by ridding the world of timesheets somehow racism and sexism may also be eradicated.

    Sliced bread has been re-invented! Power to the new PKF!


  2. … but I like coffee and global warming.

    Excellent piece, Dan!

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