A Man Ahead of His Time

Yesterday in a blog post, Rita Keller pictured the workstation at Whitcomb and Hess’ tax partner Roger Kramer.The four monitors it seems are now the standard at W&H.


It will not surprise most of you that VeraSage Senior Fellow, Paul O’Byrne (RIP) was far ahead of his time. This is Paul in 2006. Note Ron’s books in the trashcan.


My question – Has Whitcomb and Hess trashed their timesheets? If not, when will they?


  1. Ed,

    The title we had above that Paul O’Byrne picture was: “Dual Monitors (squared)–where’s my efficiency?”

    I came across one firm that has 5 monitors (see second to last picture on top banner), at:


    Obviously, there’s the iron law of diminishing returns. It’s not just about being able to have multiple applications open, it’s about how much attention can our brains devote to different tasks before we destroy creativity and deep thinking?

  2. Perhaps they have not and that is why they need four monitors.

    In my experience it takes a monster for resources to do and keep up with timesheets and billing by the hour.

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