April is turning out to be a big month

First, I received word that an online comment I made on a Harvard Business Review blog post would be printed in the magazine.


For those of you that can’t make it out, my 15 seconds of fame reads, “Business ain’t science.” I told the copy editor that I had more to offer than that and that I usually am grammatically correct, but they did not seem interested. “No, your thought really says quite a lot.” Uh-huh.

Next, my article on using project management to replace the timesheet finally made it into the Journal of Accountancy. Please comment there as I would love to get a big long string going.

Could it be that the Mets getting out of the gate strongly? I can only hope!


  1. Julie Payne says:

    Thanks for putting up the link for your article. I read it with great interest as we have trashed timesheets where I am from and follow similar principles. Your discussion on scoping has provided food for thought.
    Do you know of any good practical software solutions that can monitor projects for accounting firms?

  2. Julie,

    I wish I did. Unfortunately, most project management software is focused on tracking efforts. I have heard some folks tell me that BaseCamp does a decent job, but I have no direct experience with it.

    If you find something let us know.

  3. Julie, BaseCamp is great for a simplistic approach (I am a heavy user) and if you don’t want to get a programmer involved in setting up your projects and will need high-level reporting (not too fancy).

    Another tool that impresses me though it is much more complex, is At Task which has heavy reporting possibilities. It has a million bells a whistles and you certainly wont need ALL of them. In fact, I warn that it is easy to get “sucked into” the concepts of time tracking related to project components when you build your reporting. Timesheet-less VeraSage friend, Mark Bailey (of Mark Bailey Co in Reno) has gone through the process (struggle) recently of customizing the tool and fighting the evil temptations (LOL) of including those sorts of inputs.

    How large is your team?

  4. Julie Payne says:

    We have a great team of 13 in Australia – we do currently use value tracking software that is project focussed, and we are lucky to be using this as it isn’t a package open to the public. I am curious to see what else is out there and do a comparison. This software has the ability to track hours if you want to, but we don’t do that as we feel it is a step backwards into the timesheet mode.

    I will checkout the ones you have mentioned. Thanks for your input.

  5. Julie,

    We use Basecamp with one of our customers (via their sales training/managment people) – it works pretty well and I have found it well suited for working remotely with them and having the capacity to attach all sorts of info to the posting.

    I haven’t seen it used for project management in any depth. The guy who has put us on to it is very well versed with “best of breed” software and he is a huge fan of what Basecamp offers.

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