Calling Out David Connell!

An open letter to consultant to the profession David Connell:


Despite (or perhaps because of) our common Irish heritage, I am “calling you out.” Fortunately, we have moved beyond fisticuffs, but this is a fight of and for ideas.

In your last newsletter you state, “Timesheets should only ever be a monitoring system to see how we compare with the true value of the work we do and to monitor staff productivity.” I can clearly demonstrate this statement to be false. If I can do so, you must admit that timesheets are a fraud and must be eliminated. If you are interested in reading this demostration, please reply via a comment to this post and I will meet you on the field of battle.

David, your Irish honor is a stake. Marquess of Queensbury Rules, of course.


Ed Kless (yes, my surname is Austrian, but I am 3/4 Irish including O’Melia, Foley and McMahon.)


  1. I’ve previously attempted unsuccessfully to engage David with respect to his views, in the hope that he would support them. He has deep seated opinions, but opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has one. Give me some support. There is none in your newsletter.

    In additon to Ed’s comments, I am hoping David can support the premise quoted in his article that we are in “the business of selling value and that time is a critical component of that value”. I’ve not met one person who could support the position that time is a component of value. He can’t either, and hasn’t (and won’t).

    I’m equally fascinated by the belief that the productivity of an associate can be measured with the use of a timesheet. Somebody, anybody make the argument and support it.

    If you can it will advance the profession and isn’t that what we all are about?

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