Let’s Count It Twice

This Sunday’s Dilbert is on the old axiom “Measure Twice Cut Once.” It got me to thinking.

If measuring time is so important and critical to the success of a firm, shouldn’t we encourage people to submit two timesheets. I mean it is important that they be accurate right.

So, for all you timekeepers out their I propose that each professional should be required to do two timesheets, one on a daily basis and one at the end of the week to see if they match one another. This is clearly a great leap forward.

Now that I think about it we should really create a system of timesheet buddies. This system would require that each professional track not only their time, but the time of another professional in the firm. After all, doesn’t make sense to have some oversight in the firm? If time is so important shouldn’t there be a system of checks and balances.

Oh, I forgot you already do this, it is called a management review. As Gilda Radner’s Emily Litella used to say, “Never mind.”


  1. Ed, This is brilliant!

    If timesheets are so damn critical, they should have an entire set of internal controls and be audited by internal auditors as well. What a great use of intellectual capital!

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