New Book Preview: Life Without Timesheets

Hugh Williams, a Chartered Accountant from Great Britain, has graciously agreed to make a preview of his new book available. Life without Timesheets: The freedom to charge what you are worth is the story of how Hugh’s firm, HM Williams, threw its timesheets onto the ash heap of history.

In the Acknowledgements Hugh gives credit to Paul Dunn and Ric Payne, “who showed me that it must be done.” Knowing both of these fine gentlemen as I do, I can guarantee that it was Paul Dunn, and not Ric Payne, who encouraged Hugh to get rid of his timesheets. I’m still working on Ric, and haven’t lost hope.

In any event, Hugh attended the RAS Bootcamp in 1998, an obviously it had a major impact on his thinking, and then ultimately, his behavior. Another testament to the genius of Paul Dunn and Ric Payne.

After reading Hugh’s book late last month, I began a correspondence with Hugh over a major disagreement I had with his approach to pricing. The point of contention was over his firm’s continuining to communicate hours to customers as a way to justify a price. In all honesty, I cringed when I read that, and I knew I had to bring it to Hugh’s attention. As a result, Hugh and I began an exchange of e-mails, each defending our position.

Thanks to Hugh for allowing us to post an excerpt from his book, and for being one of the pioneers in the profession creating a better future for posterity.

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