Project Management Trumps Time, Again!

A recent article by Roger Russell (November 5, 2007) in Accounting Today and also appearing on the webcpa site proves that just a focus on project management, rather than time, is sufficient to increase effectiveness, no matter how you price.

A quote from Mark Robinson of KAF Financial Group really summarizes it quite nicely, “We also became a project-based firm,” he said. “We stopped thinking about billable hours and started thinking in terms of getting the work done. We became more focused on working as a team to deliver projects, not on getting 75 billable hours per week.” (Emphasis mine.)

However, my favorite quote is from the articles author who, when describing Robinson results writes, “Productivity actually increased.” (Again, emphasis mine.) He seems incredulous.

Yes, you can actually increase productivity by focusing on the results not the efforts! We wonder if KAF Financial Group still bills by the hour and keeps timesheets even though they have already demonstrated the absurdity of hourly billing and tracking.


  1. In response to the question in your last paragraph we are 1/2 way there. We still track hours but we propose on value and issue a flat fee for all services. We have embraced value billing but just can’t move from still tracking the hours for our professional staff.

  2. Becky,

    Thank you for responding and congratualtions on seeing the pricing on purpose light!

    I would invite you and anyone from you company to surf the plethora of articles on this site on trashing the timesheet. Just click the category link to the right of the main section.

    In addition, please let us know of any questions you have on how we can assit you to make the final leap. You are so close!

    Ed Kless

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