Timesheet vs. Time sheet

In the interest of efficiency, it is clear that we must never use the space when typing the word – timesheet. Henceforth, a $50 (US) fine will be imposed on all posters and commenters should they use said space on this blog site.


  1. Matthew Tol says:

    The Space – ahhhh The Space.

    One must remember that there is usually a space between the expenditure of time and the recording of said time on a sheet for the eventual purpose of rendering an account to the punter.

    Therefore, it is respectfully suggested that the penalty proposed be reviewed in light of the fact that those posters on this blog possibly enamoured of the time…sheet are cognisant of the disconnect.

    The rest of us will continue forward without having to worry or concern ourselves about this antiquated system.

  2. No, no, no.

    In their twisted world, efficiency rules, there can be no exceptions. It must be timesheet.

    However, to show that we are not too hard of heart, we will delay the imposition of this penalty until January 1, 2011.

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