Trailblazer: Brains on Fire, Inc.

Another HSD at VeraSage as a result of this email Dan and I received from Brandy Amidon, CPA, from Brains on Fire, Inc., which has trashed timesheets as of January 1, 2009:

Good morning Ron & Dan,

Just wanted to let you both know that we have abolished time sheets starting this month! We are a Word of Mouth and Identity company in Greenville, South Carolina.

Our CFO read the article in the Journal of Accountancy and our eyes were opened!

We are still in shock that we didn’t think of this sooner! Just finished reading The Firm of the Future as well. REMARKABLE!

We wanted to thank you both for all your hard work in spreading the word about time sheets and mind blowing innovations in our profession. Of course, I’ll email you with progress reports as we go along.

Thanks so much for all the resources on your website. It made making the switch so much more comforting!

Check out our blog. The creatives gave me reins for a day to post our good news.

Thanks again!

Brandy Amidon, CPA

You can read Brandy’s blog post on trashing timesheets here. Be sure to read all the comments as well.

Congratulations to the entire Team at Brains on Fire. You are blazing the trail that others will eventually have to follow.

We look forward to your progress reports.

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