Up For Auction – A Priceless Item

While performing my annual New Year’s Day clean-up (if you have ever been to my office, you know I should clean up more than once a year) I located what should be one of only a limited supply of the 1st VeraSage “T-Shirts” ever produced. This example is unused (not quite uncirculated, but certainly new and never worn) and bears a dual-side slogan: Time Sheets are the Opium of the Professions on the front and the back reads You Have Nothing to Lose but your Timesheets.

I am providing this opportunity for auction. The proceeds will go be used to memorialize and celebrate Paul O’Bryne at the next VeraSage Fellows gathering. The shirt is suitable for framing or giving as an award. The auction will close on Super Bowl Sunday and I will cover delivery costs.

As this should be a public auction – bids will be accepted via comments. Bid high and often. And if yo are lucky, Ron Baker might even autograph it with Pink Crayon.

Pictures are located in “The Store”



  1. I’ll open at $50.00. US!

  2. Ed,

    Thanks. And being a global group, I’ll accept all real currencies (current bonds issued by any Wall Street Firm or Secretary Paulson will require verification and personal guarantees, of course). In fact, I like Pounds and Euros.

    If you are waiting to bid, remember, Baker’s Law (abridged) No Bids drive out Good Bids.

  3. Brenda,

    Happy New Year. Hope you are well. If you have pictures of you in drag as Ron Baker, that might pump the price up, we could place that in the loop next to the picture of Ron and Karl Marx’s tomb.

    If your is slightly used, maybe you should bid on a “spare” for future Halloween Parties.

  4. I bid $75… but Morris will have to deliver it to me personnaly as he owes me a dinner related to a prior bet.


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