Webcast by Ron Baker for AICPA

On November 14, 2006, I conducted a Web cast for the AICPA titled: Pricing on Purpose—Implementing Value Pricing in Your Firm. It’s approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes long, and if you click here, Windows Media Player should pop up with the presentation, which includes a Powerpoint slide show and audio.

Thank you to Mark Koziel of the AICPA for making this presentation available.


  1. This is a webcast that every CPA needs to see! One of the biggest challenges facing CPA firms and even CPAs in business & industry is pricing our services properly and managing our “customer portfolio” well. in these times of over-capacity, we should be pricing services and extra-services to reflect the real value to he customer.

    Are you charging the customer who comes in for taxes totally unprepared? or the audit client who pushes you to come in and then is unable to keep your audit team busy? Have you ranked your customers and culled out the “D” clients to make room for more “A” clients?

    Kudos to Ron Baker and Mark Koziel (AICPA) for provoking our thinking!

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