What If Series: What If People Hustled in Crosswalks?

Do you ever notice that significant segments of our population simply dawdle through life? All too frequently, people impact my life (negatively at that) simply because they march to the beat of their own rhythms without regard to those around them. Mostly this impacts me in crosswalks while I wait to proceed while pedestrians slowly stroll in the comfort provided by white lines of paint.

Dawdling when one is putzing in their own habitat is absolutely fine with me. Yet when impacting others – bandying about at one’s own pace demonstrates poor manners. And manors are part of ethics and ethical behaviors facilitate commerce and joy in our world.

And it isn’t just crosswalks – it is in all of our endeavors – we have an obligation to others to focus on the tasks at hand, volunteered for, assigned, delegated, and responsibilities to place our best “foot” forward and complete the respective project with effectiveness.

From the express lane at the fueling station, to the security line at the airport, we have an obligation to perform our functions without delay. Not for us, but for others. It is our duty to mitigate our impact on others. Think of this as being Green as we impact others in our environment less thereby allowing them the opportunity to move along without delay.

We all have places to go and people to see. If I am on a leisurely journey, that doesn’t mean those around me are. My stroll should not adversely impact others more than necessary. Yet what I witness is the exact opposite. Far too frequently I witness others simply acting like they are the center of the universe while they float slowly and without direction through life.

Maybe it is just me, but what if people simply hustled in crosswalks – just think about how our lives would be improved.

Now – gentle reader – have a great weekend.


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