What Does VeraSage Have in Common With Eric Clapton?

Dan Morris. Dan, our colleague, is a trailblazer and a founder of VeraSage Institute. He’s also a really good teacher. (See his upcoming gigs here.)

Tom Hood, Exec Dir and CEO of Maryland Society of CPAs, just blogged about his experience watching Eric Clapton perform and then learning from Dan Morris about leadership. Specifically, about sharing the limelight with up and comers in your field or in your firm.

Great post. Check it out. (did you know the Maryland Society has a blog? Cool, huh?) And, Dan, d’ya play Layla?


  1. Ed Kless, Senior Fellow, Verasage Institute says:

    Bravo for Tom Hood and the Maryland Society. It is great to know that they are thinking about this. It is even better to know that innovative approaches (i.e., SecondLife) are even being discussed.

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