What I Believe Redux

Two weeks ago, in a post entitled, What I Believe, I put forward a declaration. It went thusly:

I believe in challenging the status quo. The way I challenge the status quo is helping professionals change their business model from a focus on service to a focus on knowledge. It happens to be a better model. Are you interested in changing?

In the fortnight since that post, I have been tweaking it in my mind and I am please to put forward this updated declaration.

I believe that small business is where the vast majority of the wealth of the world is created. I help small professional businesses recognize that they do this through developing and sharing their knowledge. It is a great model. Do you want to know more?

I am curious as to what your thoughts are about this. Did any of you make a declaration? If so, are you willing to share it below? What are your thoughts on my declarations? Do you think the second is an improvement?


  1. I actually prefer the first because it refers to knowledge as a better alternative than service. I am happy to share what I use:

    We provide value to the businesses and professionals in our community by sharing our knowledge with them, and by facilitating introductions between and collaboration with members of our community.

    The 3 fundamental tenets of our commitment are:
    1. Educate, don’t adverise.
    2. Promote others, not ourselves.
    3. Volunteer in our community.

  2. Richard, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I was weighing the knowledge v service comparison when I wrote it. I need to consider it.

    Thanks for sharing yours. One thing, you do not say why you do what you do. Why do you want to “provide value to the businesses and professionals in our community?”

  3. Thank you that is a good point. The “why” is actually contained in other places in our marketing material, and I will consider iincorporating same into the above. In short:
    “We are committed to helping the businesses and professionals in our community become more successful, so that our community is more vibrant, productive, and enjoybale for our residents and neighbors.”

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