What’s Behind Exemplar Law Partners’ Strategy?

For anybody wondering “what is the deal?” with the rebel firm, Exemplar Law Partners, the Adam Smith Esq. blog features an OUTSTANDING post getting to the heart of it all.

ELP is the law firm that has completely re-engineered the traditional law firm operating and pricing models. Bruce MacEwen interviewed ELP CEO Chris Marston and he tells the story beautifully.

I think MacEwen summarizes it well:

Is Exemplar the most unorthodox law firm I’ve ever encountered? Are a passel of the ills besieging our profession to be laid directly at the doorstep of the billable hour? Do a large cohort of clients prefer fixed fees? Can, in fact, high-end legal services be priced that way? Has Chris Marston drawn a line in the sand? Yes, in spades, to all.

Originally posted by Michelle at Golden Practices

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