Brendon Harrex

Founder and Principal, Harrex Group
Southland, New Zealand
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Brendon is the Founder and Principal of Harrex Group, an innovative professional services business offering accountancy–led ideas, advice and project management. Based in Southland, New Zealand, Brendon and his team of 20 are changing the world from the bottom of the world.

Brendon was the world’s first ever “Chief Value Officer” (CVO) while working for Ward Wilson Ltd, a 10 Partner, 100 team member firm. He went on to become their youngest ever Chairman before forming Harrex Group in May 2007.

Harrex Group is an innovative business using value based pricing and Brendon has made sure timesheets are not allowed anywhere near his innovative and strategic–thinking team. Brendon is passionate about leading customers and other professionals into business partnerships that create real value for all involved.