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Kirk Bowman grew up in Arkansas on the family farm with his father and grandfather. His first job was driving a tractor in the rice and soybean fields during summer vacations. This experience taught him a strong work ethic and his instinct to create his own business.

In public school, Kirk discovered his talent for music and learned to play several instruments including the saxophone, guitar and piano. This passion became the foundation for his college studies. In only five years, he earned dual degrees from Harding University in Music and Business Management.

After graduation, he started a business in the Dallas metroplex playing saxophone and teaching private lessons in public schools. To manage the details of his business, he developed a custom database with FileMaker Pro. With his propensity for math and logic, he soon began to create small databases for business owners.

Following this early success, Kirk founded MightyData in October 1996 to provide Macintosh consulting services. In less than two years, his business grew to specialize in custom software development and web applications. Over the next decade, MightyData thrived and became a Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

In August 2009 at the FileMaker Developer Conference, Kirk joined a panel discussion of estimating and billing practices as an advocate for hourly billing. Another panelist, Jonathan Stark, made a compelling case for focusing on the customer, offering fixed prices and generating higher profits through value pricing. The impact of the discussion was profound. Panel Discussion Audio: Part 1, Part 2

After the conference, Kirk began extensive research into value pricing. He retained Jonathan as a consultant to help him learn the principles of value pricing. Three months later during a podcast, Kirk made a public commitment to transition his business to value pricing within a year. This was the turning point for MightyData. Podcast Audio

In February 2010, Kirk was preparing to speak on value pricing at the Pause On Error (POE) un-conference and found the VeraSage web site. Shortly before POE, he contacted Senior Fellow Ed Kless. Their first lunch meeting was the start of a mentorship and friendship. Subsequently, the video of Kirk’s POE session was featured in Ed’s blog and mentioned in Implementing Value Pricing by Ron Baker. POE Video

In January 2011, Kirk was honored to receive an invitation to the VeraSage conference in California. He spent three days discussing the practices of the professional knowledge firm with the VeraSage fellows and friends. At the conclusion of the conference, he was distinguished for his advocacy and accomplishment with value pricing and appointed a Practicing Fellow at the VeraSage Institute.

Kirk continues to practice and innovate the value pricing business model at MightyData, where he leads an extraordinary team of consultants who are very happy to focus on the customer and not submit a timesheet.


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