Liz Harris

Liz has arguably the most insight into professional services pricing of any management consultant. Not only because she is an accredited professional pricer, but also has a career working with firms and clients in cost disputes.

Her unique experience enables her to guide clients on practicalities and practices, where firms/practitioners or their clients go wrong and is also able to leverage behavioural economics in the pricing process. She’s also to articulate a path forward at any stage of pricing a matter.


Liz’s background is as a litigator specialising in disputes between lawyers and their clients. Liz regularly acts as an expert witness in cost disputes and consults to firms and also clients, including government and corporate legal departments on best practices in legal department management.

Her unique skill set includes: legal spend management, legal project management, behavioural economics, client-side implementation.


  • Director, Innovim Group
  • Director & Principal Consultant, Ovid Consulting
  • Board Member, Victorian Legal Services Board
  • Director, Harris Cost Lawyers
  • Advisory Board Member, Law Squared


  • Certified Pricing Professional, Professional Pricing Society
  • Certified Legal Project Management Professional