Mark Bailey

MarkBaileyManaging Partner, Excelsis
Reno, NV USA
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Mark founded his firm in 1984 after relocating from Central California where he was a partner in a two-office public accounting firm. Previously he worked for Arthur Young and Company in Los Angeles where he recognized the ineffectiveness of accounting practice management and the corresponding lost opportunities.

As the managing partner of a small public accounting firm, Mark is passionate about delivering the highest level of quality service to his customers to enable their success. Convinced that the conventional business model for professional knowledge firms was outdated and ineffective he explored many alternatives until he met Ron Baker. In 2004 his firm became a “trailblazing firm” adopting the principles outlined inĀ The Firm of the Future.

Mark built the firm around his belief in the development, nurturing, and respect of people as knowledge workers. Living this core value has resulted in the firm becoming a magnet for gifted, talented people seeking fulfillment from their career in contrast to the grind-mentality of most CPA firms. The innovative spirit that drives Mark in his business carries over to into the advice and counsel given to each customer.

Mark completed his degree at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California after completing his military service as an officer in 1971. He and his wife Janice live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains outside of Reno, Nevada.