Dan Morris Discusses Corporate Inversions and Lowering Taxes on Financial Fridays

I had the honor of participating with Financial Fridays, the Financial Literacy integrated program lead by Leonard Wright,  Jason Thomas, and Scott Taylor and broadcast from KLAV 1230 AM Radio in Las Vegas.  See http://www.klav1230am.com/financial-fridays.html for more information.  Financial Fridays provides an excellent venue for CPAs and other financial professionals to have discussions about money, saving taxes, economics, and related topics.

During my session, we discussed corporate inversions, the value of lower corporate income taxes, and why a rising middle class for India and China may be good for American manufacturing and labor.

Below is a clip of my interview.



VeraSage Announces Latest Practicing Fellow: Adrian Simmons

I’m honored to announce that Adrian Simmons has been appointed Practicing Fellow of VeraSage Institute.

Adrian is a CPA who practices in Maryland, along with his father.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2009, and have always been impressed with the depth of thought he possesses, and his innovative approach, to change our chosen profession.

I look forward to Adrian’s contributions in the coming years. Welcome aboard!

The Firm of the Future Symposium

I’m excited to present the new dates for Sage’s Firm of the Future Symposium, which is now open to anyone.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the 2-day Symposium with my colleague, Ed Kless, for about six years now.

We’ve witnessed many firms make the transition to Firm of the Future status as a result of attending, including initial skeptics.

You can read more about the Agenda, pricing, sign-up information, etc., here.

Hourly Billing vs. Value Pricing Interview

It was fun to do The Money For Lunch show with Bert Martinez on July 3rd.

We discussed the advantages of Value Pricing over hourly billing for professionals, the perverse incentives built into hourly billing, and why the business model of “We sell time” is more and more becoming obsolete.

My segment is from 1:56 (but skip the bio reading, to 3:40) to 15:33, with one commercial in the middle.

Radio Interview on Davos World Economic Forum

Every year, the World Economic Forum hosts a meeting of politicians, business leaders and visionaries to discuss far-ranging topics from aspects of capitalism and the economy to a variety of world affairs.

Tim Muma, Radio Program Coordinator at LocalJobNetwork.com (LJN), had sent me a number of quotes from famous individuals at the event and then we had a conversation about them.

It’s a two-part interview, running about 28 minutes in total.

Listen to Part I here.

Listen to Part II here.



David Vilensky on The Benefits of Fixed Pricing

David Vilensky, managing director, Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky, in Perth, Australia, is one our Trailblazer law firms.

David recently wrote this article
for the February 2012 edition of the Law Society of Western Australia’s publication, Brief.

It’s fantastic because David articulates how work changes once a firm is no longer obsessed with tracking time.

The benefits of this are very difficult for firms to grasp who continue to track time, and they are very difficult for those who teach this to describe—you simply have to experience it first hand.

Yet these benefits are enormous, probably outweighing the gain in profitability firms will achieve with pricing for value rather than time.

The late Paul O’Byrne used to say that when his firm got rid of timesheets they became obsessed with customer value, leading to more knowledge sharing and collaboration among the team, and a less stressful quality of work life.

David’s article is further evidence of these effects.

Congratulations to David and the entire team at BBV.

Golden Practices Ranked Among Top 25 Accounting Publications

To see the list of the top 25 accounting journals and publications click here.
To see a joke about the top 25 accounting journals and publications watch the video below.

In Reno, casting off the shackles

image Congratulations to Mark Bailey and the whole team at Mark Bailey & Co. for being named the Best Accounting Firms to Work For by Accounting Today for a second straight year. The article specifically identifies the trashing of the timesheet as the reason for their tremendous success.

“We threw out timesheets,” explained Mark Bailey, the firm’s managing partner. “But the motivation to throw them out is that they didn’t really reflect the value of the service that was being given. What we came to realize very quickly was that a timesheet is a control tool.”

The 16-person firm decided that controlling professionals didn’t drive productivity; instead, it hampered innovation and creativity.

The entire article is available on-line and will be printed in December 14, 2009 issue of Accounting Today.

Chris Marston: Legal Rebel

Congratulations to Chris Marston and the entire Team at Exemplar for being appointed a Legal Rebel.

You can read Chris’ Legal Rebel profile here.

I don’t know most of the other Legal Rebels, but I would bet that Chris Marston is the only practicing lawyer among them who doesn’t do timesheets. I don’t know how you can be a Legal Rebel if you still complete a timesheet—the buggy whip of the intellectual capital economy.

Also, check out Exemplar’s new Website and our Australian colleague John Chisholm’s blog post on meeting Chris on his recent tour of the USA.

Congratulations Chris and Exemplar—you are truly a Firm of the Future!

Congratulations to Exemplar Law Partners

VeraSage fellow Chris Marston was recently profiled as a Trailblazer law firm in the April, 2009 issue of the ABA’s Law Practice magazine, along with three other firms.

You can read the full article here.

Congratulations to Chris and his entire team for breaking the ossified law practice model and venturing boldly into the 21st century!