Christopher Marston Becomes First Law Fellow

Boston, MA—June 30, 2006—VeraSage Institute announces the think tank’s first fellow representing the legal profession, Christopher Marston. Marston was invited to join VeraSage because he demonstrates innovative practice methods in his firm. A core goal of VeraSage Institute is to end hourly billing by teaching firms how to better understand clients’ needs and manage expectations through defining a mutually agreed–upon goal and by pricing work in advance. VeraSage fellows are chosen through their ability to serve as role–models for other professionals. Fellows also personally commit to providing advice, support and guidance to other practitioners who embark on their own journeys to creating better firms.

Believing that lawyers are slaves to the billable hour, and that billing by the hour misaligns the customers’ and firms’ objectives, Marston, CEO and Founder of Exemplar Law Partners, created a “firm of the future.” Marston’s firm focuses on the value of services provided rather than the cost of one’s time. Offering fixed pricing, valuing work-life balance, and placing customer service at the forefront of the firm’s priorities are among the progressive practices the firm has adopted.

It is an honor to be a thinking partner with world-class professionals from across the globe to solve a problem that will no doubt have life-changing implications, says Marston.

Read full release in pdf.

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