Michelle Golden Becomes Senior Fellow of VeraSage Institute

St. Louis, Missouri—June 12, 2006—VeraSage Institute announces Michelle Golden is the think tank’s newest senior fellow. Golden was selected to join VeraSage because of her demonstrated application of improvement practice methods in professional service firms. VeraSage fellows serve as role-models for other professionals and they personally commit to providing advice, support and guidance to other practitioners as they embark on their journeys to creating better firms.

Golden is president and CEO of Golden Marketing Resources, Inc., a marketing and organizational improvement firm operating as Golden Marketing Inc. and Golden Practices Inc., respectively. The company, established in St. Louis in 1999, works exclusively with professional service firms—CPA and law firms as well as financial and investment advisors—throughout the United States and some international firms.

As a professional service firm, itself, Golden moved her practice from an hourly–billing model to a fixed price model and eliminated time tracking. A core goal of VeraSage Institute is to end hourly billing by teaching firms how to better understand clients’ needs and manage expectations by pricing work up front establishing a mutually agreed-upon goal and price.

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