VeraSage Makes the Wall Street Journal Front Page

The old slogan was “coffee makes your morning and 7-11 makes your coffee“. This morning I was greeted with a surprising email from VeraSage Fellow Chris Marston with an “adda-boy” regarding a prominent placement in a Wall Street Journal Article regarding Alternatives to Hourly Fees written by Simona Covel. Front page of the Marketplace section places VeraSage in the big leagues. Soon after Chris’s cheerful wake up call I received several tweets from others, facebook comments, and even a couple of old friends and colleagues sought me out for a friendly “way to go”.

The truth is I was simply fortunate. Ron Baker and I were interviewed several weeks ago about the changing pricing environment and how VeraSage is changing the world of pricing for professional services. The prime placement suports our collective great work. From past experience it is always better to be on the front page then with the “connected” materials on page 7-b as most people seem to forget to turn the page. A link to the article is here but you’ll need to be a subscriber for full access:

I think today demonstrated the value of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and their ability to spread the word. Encouraging others to read our materials and help us with our mission to Bury the Billable Hour.

And finally, Chris, your coffee was certainly the flavor of the month. Move over 7-11.

This has been a great day for me, for us, for VeraSage, and for the future of PKFs and here is a toast to the “death of the billable hour”.


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