DETalk—Matthew Burgess-eLawyer

In the third DETalks, Matthem Burgess shares with us his journey that led him to found eLawyer.

The convergence of value pricing with true technology innovation has forced many to revisit the ‘traditional’ delivery of legal services.

In the estate planning space, many components of the process that have historically been fiercely guarded by lawyers can in reality be provided far more effectively by other advisers, particularly accountants, financial planners and risk advisers.

eLawyer is an innovative web based law firm developed by one of the largest Australian independent law firms and the only large law firm to have a dedicated and continuous estate planning focus for over 50 years.

In this DET, managing director Matthew Burgess provides a snapshot of the framework explaining why elawyer was developed.


  1. What a surprise! Matthew speaking in USA to Verasage. I highly value Matthews seminars and webinars that I’ve attended over the years. Really inspiring for me to know I am on a similar track to Matthew, although I’m still really small fry.

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