DETalk–Tom Hood-Finding Your Edge

In this the second of about two dozen DETalks, Tom Hood, executive director of the Maryland Association of CPAs, talks about finding your edge in the “new normal.”

He lays out the idea that we are experiencing not just a great recession, but the “death of the industrial age.” He posits that we are in the midst of some major fundamental shifts. The biggest shift is going from command and control to connect and collaborate or from push to pull.

Tom suggests that the best path forward is to work to re-engage people in your organization’s purpose, your Why and develop a positive, winning culture that helps people and the organization to flourish.

Tom has been the executive director and CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs since January 1997. Armed with a passion for the profession and the drive to move it forward, Hood manages a staff of more than 30, works closely with the executive committee and Board of Directors and oversees the work of numerous committees to promote and protect the CPA brand in Maryland.

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