New Podcast: On Ron’s LinkedIn Interview

VeraSage PodcastLast week, Ron Baker created quite a flurry of activity on the usually staid Accounting Group on LinkedIn.

At first, the comments were running about 50/50 supporters versus detractors, but as the week went on, more and more comments became vitriolic. One even called me Ron’s lapdog! (Amazing the ad hominum attacks that folks must stoop to when their logical argument is failing!)

In any case, Ron felt we should dedicate a podcast to responding to some of the more intelligent, but still erroneous criticisms.

PS – Check out the new VeraSage podcast graphic!


  1. Stephen, the podcasts are in m4a format. You should be able to right click in most browsers and download to your computer. From their you should be able to play them with most digital audio players.

  2. I feel like you shouldn’t have to explain yourself, especially when people stop being reasonable.
    I understand that you were responding to the more reasonable masses, and I haven’t listened to it yet, but I hope you’re not apologizing!


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