New Podcast: The Far Niente Story


Over the past few years, Ron Baker has been telling a story that really drives home a point we often make – price does not come from cost.

This story clarifies this thinking and always garners lots of head nods to the point where you can practically see the lightbulbs going off for people.

Ron was kind enough to regale me with the story and we set in down in this podcast.


Hourly Billing vs. Value Pricing Interview

It was fun to do The Money For Lunch show with Bert Martinez on July 3rd.

We discussed the advantages of Value Pricing over hourly billing for professionals, the perverse incentives built into hourly billing, and why the business model of “We sell time” is more and more becoming obsolete.

My segment is from 1:56 (but skip the bio reading, to 3:40) to 15:33, with one commercial in the middle.

Radio Interview on Davos World Economic Forum

Every year, the World Economic Forum hosts a meeting of politicians, business leaders and visionaries to discuss far-ranging topics from aspects of capitalism and the economy to a variety of world affairs.

Tim Muma, Radio Program Coordinator at (LJN), had sent me a number of quotes from famous individuals at the event and then we had a conversation about them.

It’s a two-part interview, running about 28 minutes in total.

Listen to Part I here.

Listen to Part II here.



DETalk – Melinda Guillemette – True Motivation

Melinda Guillemette of Melinda Motivates talks about her beliefs about true motivation. She tells us that most people think motivation is about getting “them” to do what you want. This, she believes, is coercion.

DETalk – Kirk Bowman – Is Value Pricing Easy

In his DETalk, practicing fellow Kirk Bowman of MightyData challenges us to offer consulting to other professionals who want to transition to value pricing. He begins with a summary of his journey including what was the initial hook that grabbed his attention.

Dan Morris Radio Interview

Our very own Daniel Morris being interviewed on Financial Fridays show on KLAV 1230AM Las Vegas. Gotta love this title: “CPA & Philosopher.”

He talks about value and the coming tax cliff, and how taxes affect behavior.

Dan’s segment runs from approximately 8:13 to 20:05.

Great job, Dan!

Certified General Accountants: Outlook magazine interview

I was honored to be interviewed by Lynn Sully for the CGA’s publication, Outlook.


We discussed the idea that “you are your customer list,” among other Firm of the Future topics.

You can find the interview here, beginning on page 38.

DETalk–John Chisholm–Ron Baker Does Oz

In this DETalk, VeraSage Senior Fellow John Chisholm of John Chisholm Consulting regales us with the true story of what really goes on when Ron Baker visits him in Australia.

DETalk: Jay Shepherd on Outstandingness

As many of you know, last week in Las Vegas, the Founders, Fellowsai, and Friends met after the AICPA PracTech Conference. On Friday, we recorded several new DETalks for posting on this site.

The first is by Jay Shepherd of preFix, author of Firing at Will. His talk is entitled Outstandingness and explains that using your pricing strategy as a differentiator is not going to work.


New Podcast: John Chisholm, Recovering Lawyer

Chisholm-VS-BioIn this episode recovering attorney and VeraSage Senior Fellow, John Chisholm speaks open his first meeting with Ron Baker and his relationship with the late Paul O’Byrne. John then regales us with some highlight from Ron’s trip down under in March 2012.